Wireless sensing platform for IoT

We are presenting Wzzard - scalable, smart, self-healing, self-powered wireless sensing platform for IoT, dedicated to accelerate development of smart, power-efficient IoT applications. Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform brings this intelligence to the network starting at the sensor, creating a more responsive, reliable and efficient network. 

Wzzard comes with SmartMesh IP which is based upon the wireless IEEE 802.15.4e standard and creates full-mesh networks, sometimes referred to as “mesh-to-the-edge” networks. Wzzard uses the lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging transport MQTT protocol for sensor communications. MQTT is an extremely simple messaging protocol created for M2M and IoT applications over wireless networks.

Wzzard platform components

Intelligent Edge Nodes

   Wzzard’s Intelligent Edge Nodes can join the mesh network at any time without gateway interaction. These nodes are easily configurable, using Android or IoS smartphones or tablets and the Wzzard app over Bluetooth LE 4.0.
Control time synchronization is used to maximize battery life, exceeding 5 years for many applications.
Spectre Network Gateway   Industrial-grade Spectre router serves as Wzzard’s Intelligent Gateway. Spectre can connect equipment and other devices to the Internet or Intranet over either wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connections.   

Customer's IoT application

Processed information from the sensor nodes is published through the Spectre Gateway up to the customer’s IoT application using MQTT transport protocol.