Bluetooh adapter replaces Vending Machines RS-232 cabling

Vending Machine market is a very competitive market. Vending machines sell everything from sandwiches to electronic peripherals. Out it in the field Vending Machines require a lot of maintenance since they do contain many moving parts. Also, to be efficient vending machines should be filled with product on a regular basis to keep customers happy.  


Sena Bluetooth devices for Vending Machines Network

By making use of any one of Sena Technologies Serial Bluetooth adapters, Vending Machine operators can Bluetooth enable their Vending Machines to provide more efficient and fast service of their Vending Machines, which allows for Vending Machine operators to have a competitive edge over its competitors.

Remote monitoring of vending machines using Sena Bluetooth Serial Adapter 

Remote monitoring of vending machines is implemented by downloading cash flow information for vending machines to Bluetooth PDA using Sena Bluetooth device, Parani-SD100, and the data is sent from the PDA to vending operator offices via GPRS/3G.

Sena Bluetooth devices for Vending machines

Bluetooth RS232 converter Parani-SD1000
Bluetooth Access Point Parani-MSP1000