MbusWEB energy metering system

Intelligent energy metering system- electricity, heat and cold, gas and water meters plus MbusWEB controller and energy monitoring software SCADA-PDMS.

Intelligent data acquisition system based on M-bus

Utility meters consumption data acquisition and analysis
- WWW web interface
- Alarms by SMS and emails
- Real historical data
- Effective management of the energy utilities

Energy metering system


Heat, water and electricity meters
High quality, accurate and reliable, domestic and industrial meters from Kamstrup!
Electricityheat and coldwater metersflowmeters


Pulse counter

Collection of impulses from gas, water and power counters or other measuring instruments with impulse outputs or other electronic S0 outputs.


MbusWEB controller

Device designed for data acquisition from energy meters with M-Bus interface.


Energy monitoring software


Data storage and analysis, graphic preview, periodic data export to MS Excel etc.