SOFREL LS data loggers

We want to introduce SOFREL LS data loggers dedicated for remote management and diagnostics of drinking water networks. Innovative and simple to install, SOFREL LS data loggers provide an effective and economical solution.

Main features and functions

Waterproof, offering autonomy of up to ten years thanks to their high-capacity lithium battery, and equipped with a highperformance 2G/3G antenna, LX Data Loggers are compatible with the instrumentation present in water networks.

Main functins of SOFREL LS data loggers:
- Flow and pressure monitoring for leak detection
- Remote reading of network meters and management of consumption
- Control of pressure regulation valves


User interfaces

There are several different ways, how user can access SOFREL LS data loggers.

Typical solution

Below there is shown typical network structure based on using of SOFREL LX data-loggers. 

More information You can find here:
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SOFREL LX data logger's catalogue (pdf version)