Artila ARM-based Linux/WinCE Embedded Computers

We present Artila devices - reliable industrial equipment, featuring high capabilities and stable operation in industrial environments. Do not miss attractive discount offer! Ask for quotations with special price:

Artila Linux Platform Features

Based on open source Linux, Artila strives hard in maintaining its own repositories of Linux kernel, file system, daemons, utilities, C/C++ libraries to make our Linux platform robust with rich features while easy to use. Just focus on developing your domain specific applications, you don't have to touch Linux details, let Artila do it for You. Artila's Linux comes with standard ipkg tool for package managament (install/update/uninstall) without dealing with the hell of library dependencies. 

Artila's Linux platform comes with ready-to-use lighttpd web server, MySQL/SQLite DBs and powerful PHP/Python script engines, all which makes Linux platform meet all the requirementsfor Web/AJAX-enabled device monitoring and controls.  

Box computers

Single board computer

Matrix-504 M-502
Matrix-604 M-9G45A
Matrix-518 M-506
Matrix-522 M-606

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