MbusWEB controller
MbusWEB controller

MbusWEB controller

MbusWEB controller is the innovative and effective platform for modern telemetry automation and surveillance systems.
This controller can be successfully used to collect data from remote energy meters with MBUS interface (electricity, water, gas and heat meters). Depending on version, MbusWEB supports 3, 12 or 25 external meters with the M-Bus interface.

MbusWEB features

  • Web interface: Ability to monitor the recorded values, and input status, configure hardware resources
  • Modbus TCP: Connection with SCADA systems over Modbus TCP protocol
  • M-Bus: automatic search for counters and variables
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
  • CSV file: Parameter recording into CSV type files
  • SQL DB: Transfer values ​​to the database, which can be put on the hosting server
  • Export data to a remote server
  • Alarms: SNMP trap, E-mail
  • Power: 230 VAC
  • Mechanical: Fits on DIN rail
  • Graphic review: recorded values ​​in curves
  • Accounting periods of time: recorded values ​​of the periodic reports by subtraction (days, weeks, months, years, ...)
  • Report: periodic e-mailing of measured values


Collecting data from 1 to 25 M-Bus electricity meters 

Server room: Energy consumption monitoring + phase outage detection

Measuring energy consumption with S0 pulses and M-Bus meters

Remote energy metering with a central WEB portal

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