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M-bus converters

mBus 10 converter is a transparent converter from RS232 to MBus interface.
Data logger to capture and transfer data of energy and water consumption and output pulses of type S0.
2-channels pulse logger designed for wall mounting.
MB-RS232-3 is adapter (transparent converter), M-BUS from/to RS232 Port. With the galvanic isolation between M-BUS and the RS232.
MBMOD-RS232-20 is a gateway (protocol converter), M-BUS from/to Modbus. With the galvanic isolation between M-BUS and RS232 and RS485.
Converter between Modbus TCP and M-Bus. They allows to save on Modbus registers the informations of M-Bus Slaves devices and then make these values available to a Client Modbus.
MBCON-LAN-20 allow to read data from the M-Bus meters and store the desired values into a CSV file.
M-Bus Wireless / Modbus - Converter.