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Industrial IIoT gateway Smart Swarm 341
Product Features:
  • Configurable user business logic data processing & display engine
  • Comprehensive data outputs via MQTT, email, SMS and a variety of other services and database connections
  • Integrates sensor data from WZZARD, WISE, ADAM & third party devices
  • Integrates data from internet feeds
  • Also acts as LAN to WAN bridge for 3rd party device connection

SmartSwarm 341 is an IIoT Integration Gateway powered by B+B SmartWorx SmartSwarm technology. Whilst it is able to integrate data from a number of Advantech and non-Advantech sources, it is primarily intended for use in applications where users need to interface to B+B SmartWorx first generation WZZARD wireless sensor networks and pass data into an IIoT platform or application. 

SmartSwarm 341 offers flexible data acquisition, processing and handoff via an inbuilt Node-RED user applications environment.

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